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A few things [Oct. 6th, 2006|03:48 pm]
Wonderland Icons

[mood |creative]
[music |Queen - I Want to Break Free]

some good some not so good and some very strange LOL.

3 Davey Havok
1 Glitterboy
1 Smith
3 FO banners

You know the drill.

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if i was more creative i'd come up with something witty hereCollapse )

I apologize for the crappy GB banner LOL. I was experimenting with brushes and stuff. I just thought I'd post it for the hell of it, in case someone might like it. But I won't be offended if it's hated with a passion, I rather think I hate it myself! ha.

Oh and the Smiff icon is not to be taken seriously, it may unusable but it's EFFIN FUNNY :P

Also, I do make graphics outside of AFI/Evanescence LOL. I hope to get some fall icons and some other things up soon. :) And on that note, any requests? Not that I think you guys like my stuff enough to make requests :P but I'm looking for ideas of other things to make, so hit me up! I need the practice anyway.
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I come bearing gifties..... [Oct. 4th, 2006|11:31 pm]
Wonderland Icons

[mood |accomplished]
[music |The Cure - Mint Car]

I'm a little rusty with the photoshop but here's some stuff I made tonight.

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♥ Credit either strange_lydia or wonderlandicons

♥ Enjoy!

AFI screencaps by strychninesugar and tomoe_himura
Lyrics on the AFI banner: Jack the Ripper by The Smiths.

[AFI (Davey. DJ Glitterboy. Despair Faction) - 10 icons. 1 banner]
[Evanesence (Amy Lee) - 7 icons. 1 banner/wallpaper thing]

down the rabbit hole...Collapse )
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Welcome!! [May. 22nd, 2004|10:13 pm]
Wonderland Icons

[mood |creative]
[music |Forgive Me, Evanescence]

Welcome to Wonderland Icons. Here, I will be posting icons that I make. Others who make icons may join and post their icons as well. If you're just an icon whore like the rest of us, but don't actually make them, you can join as well and use any of our icons! See the info page for the rules of the community, and of icon usage :) Thanks for joining and have fun! :)

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